Karolina Hajok

Abstract Expressionist Artist


When creating, she uses different materials and techniques, deliberately using materials that do not mix, such as oil, acrylic paint and water. In this way, she creates tensions in the structure of the painting's surface, creating dynamic, energetic compositions in which the boundary between what is accidental and what is intentional become blurred.

Born in 1986 in Poland to a family whose artistic traditions have been passed on from generation to generation. Between 2009 and 2017 she studied painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Katowice and in 2017 obtained her MFA.
Since then she has devoted herself to creative work in her studio, where she explores issues of abstract expressionism.
In addition to her studio work , she organises art projects in which she introduces the world of art to young people.
She currently lives and works in Dortmund.


“Creating a painting for me always is a new adventure.
In order to take part in it, I must be open and ready to start something new.
A start, especially a new start, is very often something we hesitate about .To create something new, we need to go out of our comfort zone.
This might be frightening to some. Standing in front of an empty canvas sometimes is intimidating to me.
I am going to create something that never existed before. It makes me feel excited and scared at the same time.
Usually I begin with the help of gravity. I let the paint drop, splash, stream.  I let this one moment be frozen and captured. Then I stop. I let it dry.
Than comes the part when I decide how deep I want to interfere and how far I want to go.
These are never easy decisions to make, but as as difficult they are so precious they are for me.
When I create, I am free, but only if I allow myself to.

To experience the feeling of freedom, one must also let the other things go or let them stay aside.
My paintings are these captured moments, which I would like to share with my audience.
I hope they will provide you with those special feelings of joy and freedom, which accompany me every time I create.”


Karolina Hajok

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